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Xclaim is achieving great success in Slovenia. Advertisers love new and unconventional promotional possibilities, publishers enjoy their fresh revenue stream.

Out of the box

Have you ever wanted to use advertising network as you use your email? Now is your chance. Enroll with Xclaim!

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Up and running

Already up and running in 4 countries. Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia have successfully implemented Xclaim advertising system with ease in no time.

99 Every country has enjoyed immense growth only after launch. Ten clients have enrolled in less then 3 months.


Worlds first intext technology available to licence at minimum cost. Enjoy high quality ad managements system empowered by rich media formats and innovative ad filters.

Get your licence early and have exclusivity for your territory - you are a network - improve your offering with no additional cost.


Easy to understand - small setup fee and 20% of revenue. That is all. No hidden cost.

Safe content

No harmful words will slip through our advanced security filters

Cloud based solution

You do not have to worry a day about technical stuff. Do what you are best at - sales.

Hassle free UI

Because you don't want to spend your day setting up campaigns, right?

24/7 support

If you ever want to say hi or something relevant - we're there to help you out

Free upgrades

Our upgrades are regular, free of charge and keep you at the edge.


When you enrol we will make sure that you get support in sales form our client database.
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